Jinko Solar Panels Latest Price in Pakistan
Jinko Solar Panels Latest Price in Pakistan

We will discuss the specifications and prices of Jinko solar panels. The price of an N-type solar panel is around PKR 32,480. We will also discuss the latest prices for Jinko solar panels in Pakistan. This article will explain which type is best for commercial and Domestic use.

Solar Panel Jinko Latest Price List

ModelTypePrice (PKR)
Jinko 270 Watt Poly Solar PanelPolycrystalline27,000
Jinko 330 Watt Poly Solar PanelPolycrystalline33,000
Jinko 460 Watt Mono-Facial Crystalline Solar PanelMonocrystalline46,000
Jinko 525W Mono BiFacial Crystalline Solar PanelBifacial Monocrystalline52,500
Jinko 540 Watt Mono Solar PanelMonocrystalline54,500
Jinko 550 Watt Mono Solar PanelMonocrystalline28,305
Jinko 575 Watt N Type Mono Perc Half Cut Solar PanelN-Type Monocrystalline41,400
Jinko 555watt Mono Perc Solar PanelMonocrystalline28,305
Jinko 580 Watt N Type Mono Perc Solar PanelN-Type Monocrystalline32,480
Jinko 570watt Mono Facial Crystalline Solar PanalMonocrystalline57,000
Latest Solar panels price Jinko in Pakistan 2024

Jinko 270 Watt Poly Solar Panel

The polycrystalline panel has a 270-watt output to meet and exceed industry standards, particularly in corrosion resistance. It can be used on the coast and in agricultural setups. The output is standardized for a continuous power flow. In addition, it can withstand heavy loads, making it the best product since it is strong and can last longer. You can also check the AKCOME solar panels.

Jinko 330 Watt Poly Solar Panel

Jinko330Watts Poly Solar Panel The 330-watt polycrystalline panel is optimized for efficiency and proven reliability. Competitively low power loss in dark conditions and low heat for stand-out productivity in residential or industrial installation. It is especially ideal in extreme conditions and attests that Jinko prioritizes quality and sustainability.

Jinko 460 Watt Mono-Facial Crystalline Solar Panel

This monocrystalline PV model can produce 460 watts. It is listed at PKR 46,000 and includes the beauty of 9-bus bar technology with improved efficiency. It is also known for its trustworthiness and resistance to cracking abuse; therefore, it is ideal for durable solar power installations.

Jinko 525W Mono BiFacial Crystalline Solar Panel

The 525-watt monocrystalline panel has a value of PKR 52,500 and price. The multi-busbar technology enhances system reliability and energy output. It is a light product with an IP68 protection rating and an anodized aluminium alloy frame, making it the best selection for solar energy in nearly any type​​.

Jinko 540 Watt Mono Solar Panel

The 540W monocrystalline panel is available for PKR 54,500. It features TR technology to eliminate cell gaps for better performance. Its performance is tested against severe weather conditions and assures higher lifetime yields, making it excellent for high-power systems​​.

Jinko 575 Watt N-Type Mono Perc Half Cut Solar Panel

The 575W N-Type monocrystalline panel with half-cut cells and various technologies like SMBB costs PKR 41,400. Its efficiency is 22.26 per cent, which puts it at the top of solar panels designed for highly performing clients​​.

Jinko 555watt Mono Perc Solar Panel

The 555-watt panel, which costs PKR 28,305, is sourced from Jinko Solar and uses PERC technology to achieve advanced electricity generation. It is designed for people with limited space and highly demanding systems​​.

Jinko 580 Watt N Type Mono Perc Solar Panel

This N-type monocrystalline panel generates up to 580 watts and uses the PERC technology to impact PKR 32,480. It is one of the best-rated solutions for large installations​​.

Jinko 570watt Mono Facial Crystalline Solar Panel

For PKR 57,000, the 570W monocrystalline panel is designed for high efficiency and reliability. Every panel variety shows Jinko Solar’s progressiveness in producing efficient and reliable solar panels​​.

Detailed Overview of which Solar System is Best

This concludes the overview of several panels from Jinko Solar varying in features, efficiencies, and prices, revealing the diversity of available choices for future solar energy consumers in Pakistan. From polycrystalline panels encompassing reasonable prices and robustness capacities, such as Jinko 270 Watt and 330 Watt, through higher-efficiency

The proportion of output in monocrystalline N-Type, including Jinko 550 Watt, to technologically enhanced monoracial mono crystalline Jinko 575 Watt N-Type Mono Perc Half Cut. The variety of products on the market allows for selection based on the consumers’ specific purposes and wishes. As for residential use, an ideal solar panel shall be selected based on the consumer’s budget, space availability at the installation site,

The amount of energy required and other variables relevant to the individual. Therefore, it can be concluded that for those who preserve the budget, the Jinko 270 Watt Poly Solar Panel, with a price of PKR 27,000, balances efficiency and cost-efficiency, making it a reasonable choice for those who want to test solar energy consumption without a significant initial investment.

Moderate consumption: A good household pick might be the Jinko 550-watt Mono Solar Panel, which costs PKR 28,305. It has a very high efficiency of 21.29% and lasts a long time, which is decent for moderate everyday use households seeking a compromise between high efficiency and perfect functioning based on the price.

For high consumption: Jinko 575 Watt N-Type Mono Perc Half Cut Solar Panel best suits households that consume large amounts of energy. The panel costs PKR 41,400, has an efficiency of 22.26%, and performs greatly due to the lack of space, which means maximum output. Solar energy experts may also be consulted for personalized assessments for your household.


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What is the price range for Jinko Solar Panels in Pakistan?

Prices range from PKR 27,000 for a 270-watt panel to PKR 57,000 for a 570-watt panel.​

Which Jinko Solar Panel offers the highest efficiency?

The Jinko 575 Watt N-Type Mono Perc Half Cut Solar Panel, with an efficiency of 22.26%​

Are Jinko Solar Panels suitable for residential use?

Yes, options like the Jinko 550 Watt Mono Solar Panel are ideal for home use​

Do Jinko Solar Panels come with a warranty?

Yes, Jinko offers warranties, including up to 12 years for materials and 30 years for power performance.​

Can Jinko Solar Panels withstand harsh weather conditions?

es, many models are designed to be highly durable and withstand extreme weather​