400 Watt Solar Panels Detailed Guide
400 Watt Solar Panels Detailed Guide

In this article we will discuss the different types of 400 Watt Solar Panels and their type uses and some Questions about the 400-watt panels so let’s get started

List of 400 Watt Solar Panels

Brand / ManufacturerModelTypeEfficiency (%)Power Output (W)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)Warranty
SunPower / Maxeon3MonocrystallineHigh400+Not SpecifiedNot Specified25 years (All-inclusive)
SilfabElite SIL-410 BGMonocrystalline21.44101864 x 1029 x 3820.825 years of product, 30 years of performance​​​​​​​
Q CELLSQ.PEAK Duo BLK ML-G10+MonocrystallineNot Specified400+Not SpecifiedNot SpecifiedNot Specified
Mission SolarMSE PERC 60 BLKMonocrystallineNot Specified400Not SpecifiedNot SpecifiedNot Specified
Canadian SolarHiKu dual cell PERC CS3N400MonocrystallineNot Specified400Not SpecifiedNot SpecifiedNot Specified
SolariaPowerXT Pure BlackMonocrystallineNot Specified400Not SpecifiedNot SpecifiedNot Specified
EcoflowFoldable 400WNot SpecifiedNot Specified400Not SpecifiedNot SpecifiedNot Specified
TrinaVertex S 400WMonocrystalline21.14001,754 x 1,096 x 302125 years of product, 30 years of performance​​​​​​​
PanasonicEVERVOLT® H SeriesMonocrystalline22.2 – 21.6400 – 410Not SpecifiedNot Specified25 years of product, 30 years performance​​​​​​​

What is a 400W Solar Panel?

A 400W solar panel, or a panel with an output of 400 watts, produces substantial electricity. Such panels can serve for both commercial and residential solar installations. However, one should be well aware of one’s performance and applicability.

Energy output: A 400W solar panel’s daily output depends on factors such as sunlight intensity, customer location, and panel inclination. Generally, a 400W panel can produce from 1.2 to 3 kilowatt-hours of energy per day. However, local conditions may alter the actual results. Price-related aspects: Due to their larger size and higher output, 400W solar panels cost 5-10% more than their smaller counterparts.

However, they offer a competitive cost per watt with smaller panels. Additionally, this technology becomes more affordable as time progresses.

A 400W panel is much larger than a regular house with current average wattage values lying within 250-365W. However, these panels are still suitable in such cases as:

  • Off-grid power
  • Commercial user

Specifically, they are used in residential and commercial environments.

Price Range of 400 Watt Solar Panels

A single 400W solar panel typically costs between $400 and $600, depending on the brand and purchase method. Monocrystalline panels tend to be more expensive than polycrystalline ones

BrandPrice Range (£)EfficiencyWarrantySource
Renogy£200 – £250HighVariesEcowatch
ET Solar£220 – £270HighVariesEcowatch
Jinko Solar£230 – £280HighVariesEcowatch
Canadian Solar£240 – £290HighVariesEcowatch
Trina Solar£250 – £300HighVariesEcowatch
Longi Solar£260 – £310HighVariesEcowatch
JA Solar£270 – £320HighVariesEcowatch
List of the Best Cheapest 400 Watt Solar Panels in the UK

400W Solar Panel Kit in the UK with Details

Kit NameComponents IncludedApplication
Renogy 400W 12V/24V Monocrystalline Solar Premium KitFour 100W Monocrystalline solar panels Rover 40A MPPT charge controller Mounting brackets Cables and connectorsSuitable for both 12V and 24V systems
Sunstore 400W, 12V, 1.6kWh Professional Off-Grid Solar KitFour 100W solar panels 100A MPPT charge controller 1.6kWh lithium battery Mounting hardware CablesDesigned for off-grid applications
400W Solar Panel Kit – Includes Victron MPPT & 2x 200W PanelsTwo 200W rigid rectangular solar panels Victron MPPT charge controller Mounting brackets CablesCompact solution for various applications
400W Solar PV Module Mono Perc – All Black – Half Cell400W monocrystalline solar PV module with PERC technologySuitable for residential and commercial installations


How many 400W solar panels do I need for my home? 

The number of panels depends on your electricity consumption and available roof space. Consult with a professional installer to determine the optimal system size.

Can I install Silfab Elite SIL-410 BG solar panels myself?

Professional installation is recommended to ensure safety and warranty validity​

How does the Silfab Elite SIL-410 BG perform in hot weather?

It maintains high efficiency with minimal performance decline at high temperatures​